I hope you find a lot of reasons to use this page.  My job as the Young People’s Ministries representative is to empower and connect youth, young adults, and youth workers in our jurisdiction.  I hope the information here helps us do that.

How to Connect:

I want to know your stories! I think you all want to hear from one another and we want to foster all sorts of ways for that to happen.  Here are some ways we are trying to get to know one another:

  • Feel free to use our Facebook page, to post your events or read about what is going on with other ministries in the jurisdiction.
  • Let me know about your events so I can get them up here and help you advertise.
  • Tell us your stories! We are looking to showcase “bright spots” in ministry on this web page.
  • Soon we’ll have a resource page available.  If you have some great programs, studies, worship ideas, forms, games, etc., we’d love to share them.  Email me (Abby Parker) at

I am looking forward to knowing our jurisdiction better.  If you’d like to talk, feel free to access me at any of the locations below:

Abby Parker

Phone: 210-885-6901
Facebook:  AbigailMParker