Young People’s Address at General Conference, 2012

Young People’s Ministries Seeking Presenters/Videos for Young People’s Address at General Conference, 2012.

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Young People’s Ministries is organizing the Young People’s Address for the 2012 General Conference. It is an honor to be able to share about young people in ministry with the entire body of General Conference. It is also a huge responsibility.

On-Stage Presenters

We are seeking two young people to present the Young People’s Address at General Conference. The presentation will consist of several short video stories from ministries all over the world. Your responsibility will be to work with Young People’s Ministries staff to arrange the selected stories into a full presentation. This includes a general welcome and introduction, setting up and transitioning between the clips, and a closing. To apply as a presenter, please send us a 3-5 minute video that includes:

  • You introducing a ministry story from your context
  • A one minute story (a video or a slide show with narration) of the ministry you’re introducing
  • Some closing remarks
  • An explanation of why it is important to you to represent young people in the UMC to the General Conference.

Your application video is due no later than October 31, 2011.

Video Stories

In order to include many voices and to offer a diverse and more complete picture of young people in the United Methodist Church, we are incorporating video/pictures of ministries from around the world into the presentation hosted by our on-stage presenters. Please submit your one minute video or pictures with narration from your ministry context by October 31, 2011 to be considered for inclusion in the address.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Must be one minute or less in length
  • May either be video or pictures with voice over
  • Copyrighted music or images that do not belong to the one submitting the video must include written permission from the copyright holder
  • Every person appearing in the video must have a completed image release form on file with Young People’s Ministries
  • Videos do not have to be in English. However, if they are in another language, please try to provide a translation.

Application Guidelines:

Send your presenter application video or ministry story digitally to Truong Le, On-Line Presence Coordinator for Young People’s Ministries at Please consider using a service such as if sending your video digitally. You can also submit your video on a CD or jump drive by mailing it to:

Young People’s Ministries
Truong Le
1908 Grand Ave
Nashville, TN 37212

A selection team comprised of DMYP division members and staff will choose two people to serve as on stage presenters and the video submissions to be included in the Young People’s Address.

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